Lukoran, Croatia - holiday information

Lukoran, Ugljan, Croatia – visitor information

Village Lukoran lies in the central part of north-eastern coast of the island Ugljan, surrounded by a field and picturesque coves. The cove – harbour Lukoran is suitable for docking because it is sheltered from most of the winds, except for some western ones. It is one of the more picturesque settlements on the island situated between Sutomiscica and Ugljan. Its beaches are surrounded by a one hundred years old pine forest. The inhabitants are mostly engaged in agriculture, viticulture, olive cultivation, fishing and tourism. The settlement is comprised out of hamlets Mali Lukoran, Turkija, Zmorac, Primorje, Punta and Rancicevi-Sikiricevi. The beaches and coves are surrounded by pine forests and the whole settlement is beautified with summer houses of noblemen from Zadar out of which the most famous one is the De Ponte summer house (17th century). For the first time this settlement has been mentioned in 1075. as a property of the Benedictine monks from Zadar. One of the landmarks dating from the year 1877 is the Church of St. Laurus with Romanesque features. The new church has been built from scratch so has no signs of past only the altars have been taken from the predecessor. Also a must see are the remains of a little gothic church and building from the 14th century that was, according to the legend built by Egyptian monks situated underneath Zmorasnji Lukoran.

Lukoran – basic information

Lukoran – population: 492, Lukoran - day/ saint: saint : Lovrinja, 10.08.

Distance from bigger centres

Lukoran - Makarska. 218km, Lukoran- Split: 170km, Lukoran - Pula: 402km, Lukoran - Rijeka: 173km, Lukoran - Zadar: 13km, Lukoran - Šibenik: 106km, Lukoran - Dubrovnik: 397km, Lukoran - Zagreb: 298km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms, camps


pebble, stone, concreted

Facilities and authorities

self-service shops, post office

Sport's and recreative offer

football field, rent a boat, walking, jogging tracks, routes for cyclists

Gastronomic offer

restaurants, pizzerias

Additional offer

croatian national park nearby, croatian natural reservation nearby, organisation of folk entertainments, nautic tourist port in the place

Lukoran – why choose this destination

clean sea, beautiful beaches, long promenades along the sea, pine wood by the beach, beaches in the place, peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, tipical croatian fishermen place, interesting diving sites, interesting wind surfing sites, long cycling routes and walking tracks, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands

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